Borough of Avalon

640 California Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA  15202

P: 412-761-5820

F: 412-761-5953

Business Hours: 8:00am - 4:00pm


The Recycling Calendar you received from Waste Management states that "wax coated paper or cardboard" is NOT an accepted recyclable.  However, milk cartons, juice boxes and other small items, are, in fact recyclable.  Click on the following link for more information -                               



Garbage Collection Information


If you have not received a billing for the current year, please contact
Waste Management at 800-866-4460

If you are a new owner and your property is 3 units or less and have not received
your bill, please call Waste Management or your garbage will not be collected. 


Recycling Information:

Allegheny County Recycling Resource Directory


Recycling: Bins located at the Northgate High School (top of the driveway next to the garbage bins), Bayne Library, and Assumption School in Bellevue.  Large green and yellow recycling bins at the above locations will take junk mail, magazines, catalogs, newspaper advertisements and other items. No phone books. See the containers for additional items accepted.  These bins also fundraisers for those locations.


Waste Management now offers the "Bagster - Dumpster in a Bag".  This new bag can hold up to 3300 lbs. of waste and debris.  Wonderful for renovations and remodeling, landscaping, roofing and more.


Purchase the bag for $30.00 from the Avalon Borough Administration Office or go online at or call 1-877-789-2247 to schedule and pay for pickup at your convenience.

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