Borough of Avalon

640 California Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA  15202

P: 412-761-5820

F: 412-761-5953

Business Hours: 8:00am - 4:00pm


Property Issues & Code Enforcement




Avalon Borough currently employs Building Inspection Underwriters, Inc. (also known as BIU) for all building issues (new, rehabilitation, roofing, decks, demo, etc.), zoning issues (fences, retaining walls) and all code enforcement issues (property maintenance).  BIU offices are located in the basement of the Avalon Library at 317 S. Home Avenue, Avalon, PA  15202,  (412) 766-2565.  Building inspectors currently assigned to meet our needs are Fred Sapp and Keith Coll. 


Building permit regulations are based on UCC 2009 Codes, the Avalon, Bellevue, Ben-Avon Joint Zoning Ordinance currently in effect (April 2009), as well as any other ordinances pertaining to property maintenance that are currently on the books.  Keep in mind that some projects require building plans and/or surveys to be included with your applications.  Applications are 3 part forms and are only available in the Avalon Borough Administration Office.  Not sure if you need a permit?  Please call Avalon Borough or BIU before starting your project.




Occasionally, your project may require an electrical inspection.  Avalon Borough’s electrical inspector, John Kyle, can also be reached by calling BIU at 412-766-2565.




Avalon Borough Ordinance #1272 requires all rental properties to possess a Rental Operating License. If you have not already been contacted, please make arrangements with  BIU to have your rental property undergo a Tenant Fire Safety Inspection and obtain your Rental Operating License.  This inspection must be done every 4 years to keep your license up to date.




Avalon Borough Ordinance #1305 also requires an Occupancy Inspection, a Dye Test, a Tax Certification and a Lien Letter be completed prior to closing when selling your property. If you are selling your property and are unsure how to proceed, please call the Avalon Borough Administration Office or click on the Property Sales & Refinance Procedures link below for step by step instructions.